First Week of PST

October 2, 2016

добре ранок! (Good Morning!)

Today marks the one-week anniversary of starting Pre Service Training (PST) in Nosivka in Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine.  A lot has happened this week, so let’s begin!!

My first full day of PST involved sleeping late and working in the garden.  Our garden is located in the backyard, with plenty of room to growing fresh veggies and exploring.

img_2390 img_2388 img_2389img_2387

 We harvested carrots and beets that day.  The pictures below are only a sample of the massive amount of carrots that picked.  I believe we had about ten buckets of carrots (four of which went to the pig) and four buckets of beets (one of which went to the pig).  We have been able to use the carrots and beets in a variety of dishes.  Our food this week included: borscht, soup, pickled veggies, and stuffed bread.

When I wasn’t eating this week, I was studying my Ukrainian and attending sessions (Technical Training and Cross Cultural Training).  Some activities that I completed this week included: meeting with our school’s administration, asking for directions, touring the city, and eating out at a restaurant and a cafe.  My walk to lessons begins at 7:30 am and has amazing views along the way.


(The city center)

img_2415 img_2418 img_2417

My Ukrainian lessons are held at my LCF (Language Cultural Facilitator) house.


(I’m here for lessons!)


(Front of my LCF’s house)


(Front garden)


(side garden)

 After everything is completed and I have finished my lessons for day, I get to come back home and relax for the evening.


(I’m home!)


(The front yard)


(The front garden)


(More views of the front yard)

My first week of PST has definitely had its adventures and I cannot wait to see what happens next.  Stay tuned to this blog for more posts and until then…Гарного дня (have a nice day)!

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    The flowers are beautiful!!

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    I enjoyed your blog very much! Especially the pictures. They give me a better idea of where you are. I like your gardens. How often does it rain and what is your temperature at night and day.

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      I am so glad that you are enjoying my blog posts and the pictures that come with them! Blogging has definitely been a great way for me to stay connected with people, as well as meeting new friends. Now on to the weather questions…

      As of now, the highs are in the mid to upper 50’s and the lows (at night) are in the 40’s. I believe it will get colder next week though. It should get down into the 30’s. As far as rainfall is concerned, we should get plenty of rain almost everyday! It has only rained twice since I have moved here.

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