Happy Halloween!

November 2, 2017

In America (and a few other countries around the world), October 31st is a day to dress up in fun costumes, put on extraordinary makeup, and gather candies from neighbors.  In Ukraine however, October 31st is an ordinary day of getting dressed and going to school and/or work.  Thanks to Western influence (and awesome Peace Corps volunteers) Ukrainians have recently started to get into the Halloween spirit!  Even though Halloween in Ukraine does not involve Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood, children and adults enjoy dressing up and going to Halloween parties.

I am excited to share my second Halloween in Ukraine with all of you reading this blog post!  Please, enjoy my photo journal of Halloween 2017:

(To celebrate Halloween in class, the 4th formers first completed a There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat sequencing activity)

(Next, it was time for students to make their own bats!)

(In English Club students got to: decorate pumpkins, enjoy a pumpkin hunt, dance The Monster Mash, win lots of candies, and put their hands inside a coffin filled with brains, eyeballs, scabs, and intestines!)

(Next, I hosted a Halloween party at my apartment for the kiddos who live near me)


(Comment below: Who do you think won the costume contest??)

(The last of my Halloween celebrations, involved a Halloween sleepover at my host family’s home)

Happy Halloween from my Ukrainian family to yours! 

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